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The Graveyard of St. Mary's of Regret
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Friday, January 22nd, 2010
10:33 pm
Closing the door
After some thought, I've decided to change my journal to Friends Only. (This includes past and future posts.) This change is not due to a desire to hide myself. It is because my life touches on the lives of others, and in so doing, aspects of the lives of others are also here recorded. I've decided that this is not fair to them, to include sometimes personal information about people important to me, without shielding this information from the public at large.

I'm also doing this so that I can feel freer to talk about my life, in case I've been censoring myself due to my former open door policy.

Most likely, from now on, I will only friend people that I know and have met in real life, so that I can always feel comfortable talking about what I feel the need to talk about here.

And thus, a door closes....
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